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8 computer failures you can fix yourself


If your computer has some problems, do not go directly to a repairer . Take the time to point out the problem, maybe you can solve it on your own. First of all, discover 8 common problems and how to solve them yourself.

  1. My computer does not start anymore: what to do?

First check the power connections . If they are securely in place, unplug them, and then hold down the computer’s start button for at least a minute. This will remove residual electricity if your computer has experienced a power surge. Reconnect and restart. For a laptop, do the same, taking care to remove the battery first . If this is not possible, look for a small hole on the side or bottom of the unit that allows you to “short-circuit” the power. Insert the point of an unfolded paperclip into it, then restart.

The problem persists ? The fault may be with the power supply or the cable. They mustthen be changed. ⋙ Computer: fix small everyday bugs

  1. What if my computer stops responding?

If the computer screen is frozen, long press the power button to turn it off. If things don’t return to normal when you restart, activate your antivirus and anti-malware software (anti-malware), such as Malwarebytes (free download).

If it starts slowly and then crashes, you must reduce the list of programs that start automatically at startup, through the Task Manager .

Our advice: make sure you never install two antiviruses on your computer, they will be incompatible with each other.

  1. What if my computer shuts down by itself?

If it gets too hot, the system shuts it down for safety. Check that the air vents are not dusty. If the central unit is independent of the screen, open it to clean – gently – the fan. For a laptop, raise it a few inches by releasing the ventilation grill. And don’t use it on your lap or on a bed.

  1. My computer does not display the start-up screen, what should I do?

If it gets stuck on a black screen at startup , unplug all peripherals, and take out CDs, SD cards, etc., as it may be looking in vain for an operating system on one of these media. Then restart.

  1. Internet is slow, some sites do not open: the solution

There may not be enough space left on your hard drive . Remove software and documents that are no longer needed to give it some life. Also check your computer protection (firewall), which may be set too rigorously and block some common sites. ⋙ My computer is lagging , do I have to buy one back?

  1. My computer no longer accesses the internet

The problem may be with your box . Turn it off and unplug it, then reconnect and restart it. The connection between the box and the computer is capricious? In this case, disconnect the wi-fi in the taskbar of the computer or remove the Ethernet cable . Uninstall the network devices in the “network cards” menu of the device manager, then turn off the computer and the box. Wait several minutes before reconnecting everything and turning it back on, then another 5 minutes before reestablishing the connection in the computer’s control panel . ⋙ Internet connection problem: 3 tips for receiving

  1. Computer crashes after installing new software

Some software makes changes that damage the operating system . If things are not back to normal after uninstalling the affected software, you have to go through a system restore.

⋙ On PC, type “restore point” in your navigation bar search. In the “System Properties” window that opens, select “System Restore” and then choose the last restore point saved by the machine before installing the culprit software.

⋙ On a Mac, press the Command (⌘) + R keys on your keyboard when the computer starts up. Hold these keys until you see the Apple logo or the icon of a rotating globe. When the utilities window appears, choose the option Restore from a Time Machine backup.

  1. My network or Wi-Fi printer is visible, but does not print

Sometimes you just need to unplug the power cable from the printer , wait, and plug it back in. Turn the printer back on, wait a little longer, and it should reconnect to the network correctly. If that doesn’t work, unplug your box and plug it back in after a few seconds.

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