Character Traits of Good Coders

Revature Mentions the Character Traits of Good Coders


Programming and coding skills are considered to be must-haves for anyone planning to make their career in technology. This makes sense, as a large number of devices used by people on a daily bases require programmers and coders to make them work and extend their usefulness. The increase in the popularity of these skills has driven several students to get enrolled in programming and coding training programs offered by companies like Revature. Coding skills can certainly be a great pathway to a technology career, but they are not enough. In addition to acquiring technical skills, to be a successful coder, one also needs certain valuable personality or character traits.

Revature highlights a few character traits of good coders

Above everything else, a successful coder needs to have almost an endless amount of patience. Coding is not at all easy to master. Even experienced professionals in the field often in into stubborn bugs and logic issues. Whenever a problem arises, the only way to get through it is to stick with the work and keep trying. Most successful coders have a lot of patience and do not get discouraged, even if it takes them hours or days to solve an issue. In fact, they find enjoyment in the challenge that comes with solving a complex coding issue. While patience is something that one cannot force themselves to learn, they can definitely develop it over time if they have enough love and passion for coding.

Along with patience, successful coders also have a positive attitude. They are willing to go the extra mile to get the job done and bring their best every day to work. Even if they come across complex issues, good coders do not lose hope. Rather, they approach every difficulty as a challenge, and are positive about overcoming it. These coders also do not let their ego get in the way of constructive criticism, and are always open to feedback.

Owing to the complexities involved in the job, coding is not for people who are not able to pay attention to detail. It is fairly simple to let tiny coding errors snowball into much larger issues, and many of them will not even be obvious until the coders try their program and get an unexpected result. Hence, any person having plans to make a career in coding must take steps to improve their focus and attention to detail.

Most people conjure an image of rigid, logic-driven individuals when they think of a coder. But this is simply a stereotype. In readily, coders are some of the most creative people in the world. The best coders have a unique approach towards solving the problems they may face in their projects. They often come at issues from a different angle than everyone else, and look for solutions that others might dismiss out of hand.

The last important trait of a good coder is curiosity and desire to learn everything they can. They always try to keep themselves up-to-date with the latest skills and technologies. Candidates planning to make their career in this field should consider getting enrolled into training programs offered by Revature to learn some of the most in-demand technical skills for coders.

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